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Pranjal Dahiya

Do you know who Pranjal Dahiya is? She is a famous dancer, actress, model and social media influencer in the Haryanvi music industry. Her popularity led her to one of the highest paid models. She was always interested in modeling, dancing and acting since her childhood. If you don’t know about the famous Haryanvi celebrity and her dedication towards her dreams. In this article we are going to talk about Pranjal’s life and her career journey.   


Pranjal Dahiya

Pranjal was born on 5 May 2001 in Faridabad, Haryana, India. The following are some details of Pranjal, that you should know about:-

Full NamePranjal Dahiya 
DOB5 May 2001 
BirthplaceFaridabad, Haryana, India
Age22 Years
Nationality Indian
Famous For 52 Gaj Ka Daman 
Profession Dancer, Actress, Model and Social Media Influencer
Mother Name Seema Dahiya 
Father NameShashi Dahiya 
Net Worth20 million
Height 173 Centimeters
Weight55 Kilograms 
Hair ColorDark Brown 
Eye ColorDark Brown 
Zodiac Sign Taurus 
Siblings (Brother) Rahul Dahiya and Sushant Dahiya (Sister) Neha Dahiya  
Husband Rohit Kumar 

Physical Appearance of Pranjal

Pranjal Dahiya

Pranjal is one of the gorgeous women in the Haryanvi entertainment industry. She has a charming personality with amazing features which includes dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, her height is 173 Centimeters and her weight is 55 kilograms.    

Education of Pranjal 

Pranjal was raised in Faridabad, Haryana and where she completed her schooling from Dynasty International School, Faridabad. There is not much information available on the internet regarding the educational qualification of Pranjal. 

Career of Pranjal 

Pranjal began her career with TikTok videos and soon she became a famous TikTok star. Seeing her passion and dedication towards her dreams she has received an offer to act in Akki Kalyan’s music video. Her first music video was a Mashup-6, afterwards she has worked in Baazigar by Keshav Jangra, Juti Kali by Daler Kharakia, Haryanvi Mash-up and many more Haryanvi and Punjabi songs. 

Popular Music Videos

  1. Juti Kali
  2. Jhanjhar
  3. Baazigar
  4. Rab Naal 
  5. Fire Mardi 
  6. Bengan
  7. Karod Saali Pa 
  8. 52 Gaj Ka Daman  

Controversy of Pranjal 

Recently, Pranjal found herself stuck into a controversy during a podcast of Real Hit. She made a bold statement, where she said that the popularity of the music video depends on the model’s appearance not the talent or hard work of the singer. This thing made her trolled over social media handles. Many users created memes over that clip and people used to troll her a lot.

Family of Pranjal

There are five members in Pranjal’s family. Her father’s name is Shahi Dahiya and her mother’s name is Seema Dahiya. She also has one elder brother named Sushant Dahiya, a younger brother named Rahul Dahiya and she also has an elder sister named Neha Dahiya. Meanwhile, her mother died in COVID Times due to her health deterioration. This was the rock-bottom of Pranjal because she was attached to her mother a lot.

Relationship of Pranjal    

As per our research, Pranjal is not married but few fans think that she is married. If we talk about her relationship status then she is currently dating Aman Jaiji, who is also a famous artist. Recently, Pranjal’s sister, Neha got married and her fans thought that she is going to get married. Although the truth is, she is not married to anyone but Aman and Pranjal used to share their images on their social media handles.

Net Worth of Pranjal

There are many people from around the country who want to know about the net worth of Pranjal. As per our research the estimated net worth is around 20 million and annually she earns around 6.5 million. The primary source of her income comes from her entertainment career. 

Social Media of Pranjal

Are you searching for the social media account of Pranjal? Then you are in the right corner of the article because here we will discuss about the social media handle of Pranjal. She is available in various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter). N Instagram she has followers around 4.4M by pranjal_dahiya, on Facebook she has followers around 596K by Pranjal Dahiya and on X (Twitter) she has 1,141 followers. Here are some social media accounts of Pranjal Dahiya.


Unknown Facts of Pranjal

The following are some interesting and fascinating unknown facts of Pranjal, that you should know about:- 

  1. Pranjal is a renowned Hayarnvi dancer, actress, model and social media influencer .
  2. As per a few reports, Pranjal is the highest paid model in the entertainment industry. 
  3. She used to actively take part in dancing and acting during her school days. 
  4. She has gained immense popularity as a social media influencer through her TikTok videos.    


Pranjal is a motivation for several people, at a very young age she has gained popularity. She is a well-known social media influencer, model, dancer, model and actress. Pranjal is the highest paid actress model in the Haryanvi entertainment industry. Her song 52 Gaj Ka Daman is the sixth most viewed Youtube video with 1.5B views.     

FAQs on Pranjal Dahiya

Q1. What is Pranjal Dahiya’s age? 

Ans: As per our research, the age of Pranjal is 22 years. 

Q2. What is the name of Pranjal’s siblings? 

Ans: Pranjal has two brother’s named  Rahul Dahiya and Sushant Dahiya and a sister named Neha Dahiya.

Q3. For what she is famous for?

Ans: She is famous for her song “52 Gaj Ka Daman” 

Q4. What is the net worth of Pranjal? 

Ans: The estimated net worth of Pranjal is 20 million.  


The content provided here is based on our research and meant for education purposes. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content. We recommend you to kindly do your own research and collect valuable information.

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